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Evaluate the speed of change in the auto industry

Evaluate the speed of change in the auto industry.

Apply one of the change philosophies to the current strategy of Honda Motor Company and describe how the change strategy creates conditions of success or failure in the auto industry.

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Forces of Change in the auto industry:

The following change are happening:
External Forces for change in the organization

Change in Market conditions, economic conditions
There is a growth in emerging markets.

Political and legal environment
The legal barrier are reducing

Societal and cultural environment
Globalization is in vogue

Technological environment
Shift towards modern and environment friendly technology


Industry changes
Consolidation is happening

Globalization due to Market convergence, cost advantages.

I will apply TQM to the Honda so that it can raise its competitiveness. This will lead to the success in the Auto Industry.
II Total Quality Management:
"TQM comprises of a set of systematic activities carried out by the entire organization to effectively and efficiently achieve company objectives so as to provide products and services with a level of quality that satisfies customers, at the appropriate time and price" (Rigby, 2004). Total Quality Control (TQC)-driven environments concentrate ...

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