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Business Design

I have to discuss and recommend approaches to creative tension between existing management philosophies and the ability to create new business models.

The following two questions must be addressed:

* How do leaders integrate innovative principles while adhering to industry and market mandates?

* How may an organization operate and thrive in a paradigm that does not match the current model?

What exactly do the questions mean, what exactly is creative tension and how do I connect it to existing management philosophies? How should I format and structure this assignment, thanks.

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[1] creative tension =

"Creative tension is essentially a structure that helps to facilitate creativity and change." (

A "stretching condition that produces forward momentum" in your life/work/etc. (

"Peter Senge called "creative tension" a rubber band stretched across the gap between our current reality and our vision." (

[2] management philosophies =

"Management philosophy is simply one set of ideas about best management practices" (

"Set of beliefs as ...

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