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    Relationship of Creativity, Design and Innovation

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    Definitions Paper

    Write a paper in which you compare and contrast innovation, design, and creativity.

    Define each term and discuss their business implications.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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    Innovation is defined as a "new way of doing something," while design means "to create,
    conceive, fashion, formulate or plan out in a systematic fashion" (The Free Dictionary, nd).
    Creativity, on the other hand, refers to "originality expressiveness and imagination." While the
    three terms can be closely related, they are in many ways, mutually exclusive. Innovation is
    a term frequently used in business, to describe a new process or system for producing services
    or goods. While it may not be a new process, it is generally thought of as new or unfamiliar to
    the setting or industry. For example, to address the effects of the low birth rate, such as fewer
    workers and a lower tax base to support a large elderly population, a province in Japan has
    designed a dating site, to encourage marriages (Ito, 2010). While dating sites are not unique, it is
    an innovative means for a government or business unit, to address the population issue. To
    further support the program, the government will offer support for married couples and for those
    who have children. The ideas are not unique, ...

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    The solution summarized or defines innovation, design and creativity, while also comparing the relationships of the terms, with respect to business application.