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Organizational Design

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O Explain the importance of organizational design choices.
o Describe the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of various organizational structures.
o Assess the relationship between strategy, structure, and process in organizations.
o Analyze the relationship between organization design and decision-making processes.

Use Best Snacks to give examples.

about 400 words plus seven references

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o Explain the importance of organizational design choices.
Organizational design choices are important for several reasons. First organizational design choices provide the firm with a choice of designs that are appropriate for achieving different purposes. Every design seeks to pattern the activities of organization towards a common outcome. From the perspective of Best Snacks Inc. it has a choice of selecting a design that will help it achieve its objectives. The choice of organizational design provides Best Snacks Inc a selection of designs each appropriate for different intended outcomes. The systems can be designed to encourage innovation/creativity. Technology can be used to increase the capacity of individuals at Best Snacks Inc, and the structure can be improved to increase communications.
o Describe the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of various organizational structures.
There are different advantages and disadvantages of different organizational structures. The functional structure has the firm organized according to functions, e.g. marketing, finance, production etc, the advantages are that there is specialization in each function, there is accountability and clarity about roles, the disadvantages are closed communication, resistance to change, and difficulties in coordination. The divisional structure by way of products and ...

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