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Microsoft Corporation: organizational design

Using Microsoft Corporation, explain how organizational design (e.g., geographic, functional, customer-based, product, service, hybrid, matrix, marketing channels, and departmentalization) help to determine which structure best suits your selected organization's needs

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// Organizational design of an enterprise establishes a framework by which an organization serves its customers and interfaces with the market. In this context, in the following section, importance of organizational design in determining organizational needs, will be depicted in this section with the help of Microsoft Corporation //


Organizational design is a very important element of an organization. It is very important for an organization to have a design, which suits organizational needs; otherwise, organization may not prove to be successful. Many a times, there is a change in the organizational design due to certain random situations. In such a condition, an organization changes without adopting a proper strategy. In such cases, organizations may face unanticipated consequences (Wirth, 2007). Therefore, it is very important for an organization to take care of certain elements while creating its organizational design. These elements cover geographic location, functions, products, services, customer-based, marketing channels, departmentalization, hybrid, matrix, etc. Moreover, organizational design of a firm is also very critical in delivering and sustaining competitive advantage of the firm (Bosler, 2013).Organizational design along with effective business strategy boosts company's performance by establishing the right structure, which can improve organizational ability.


Microsoft is a market leader in the computer software industry. For a company like Microsoft, which has always been on the top, it becomes very important to take proper care to maintain its position. One of the reasons as to why Microsoft has been on the top is that it has a good organizational design. Its strategies are in lieu with its organization and therefore, it enjoys the top position in its industry. Organizations always seek to find new ways to increase profits and thus, Microsoft is no exception. ...

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