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Organizational Design Strategy

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1. A brief summary of each organization and identify which sector each organization belongs to. The companies are Coca-Cola for-profit and American Cancer Society non-profit

2. Discuss how the use of design strategy differs among the selected organizational sectors.

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Organizational Design Strategy for Coca Cola and American Cancer Society.

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Coca cola is a global corporation and market leader in beverages industry and operates in numerous countries across the world. It has manufacturing and marketing operations in numerous countries across the world and employees thousands of employees across the globe.

American Cancer Society is a non-profit organization based in USA whose major focus is to work in the field of elimination and prevention of cancer disease via research, education, advocacy and service. It has more than 3 million dedicated volunteers.

Hence, Coca-Cola is a global multination for-profit corporation whereas American Cancer Society is a non-profit organization based in USA.

The use of design strategy will differ among the selected organizational sectors because Coca-Cola is a for-profit organization whose main ...

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