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    Organizational strategy and its relationship to organizational goals

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    Develop a comprehensive plan to address Mc Donald's Restaurant, Organizational strategy and its relationship to organizational goals. Organizational attributes in relation to the organization and coordination of work structures and work processes. Bureaucracy, hierarchy and organizational structure, Organizational controls, rules, policies, and procedures. Using Thompson's, and Woodward's s views on technology, explains how operations technology influences the organizational design of the company.
    it is important to demonstrate a clear relationship to the internal and external environmental factors of Mc Donald's Restaurant
    Include recommendations based on applicable theories of motivation, job design, and leadership practices and theories of "organizational design for strategic competence.

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    Comprehensive Plan for Mc Donald's Restaurant:

    Mc Donald's Restaurant is a financially rewarding business operation. The systems of the organization have to be interlinked so that all the foodservice retailers located in diverse business markets are effective. The goal of the corporation is to offer improved nutritional choices to the esteemed clients of the company. This will set a standard to all the clients of the company. To attain the goals, the organizational strategy will have to be inline with the principles that will ensure that the policies and objectives of the company lead to the improvement of the menu choices so that they hold excellent nutritional value. The policies that will be used by Mc Donald's will have to carryon the foreseeable future of the operations of the organization. It is through the set organizational ...

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    The organizational strategy and its relationship to organizational goals are determined.