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Nov 2006
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  • BComm, University of Delhi , 2001
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Equivalent to MBA), All India Management Association, 2003


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Management Training Guide - Delegation

Your management team has been retained by a senior manager who is concerned about the effectiveness of his managers and their teams.

He would like your team (the team of employees writing the guide) to develop a training guide on delegation. The training guide should be designed to improve the i READ MORE »

Business / Human Resources Management / Managing Teams » 297895

Impact of External Environmental factors on Global Marketing

Prepare a paper in which you identify the environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions. In your paper be sure to address the following:

a. Select an organization with which you are familiar that conducts both domestic and global marketing. ( Your choice)


Business / Marketing / Marketing Strategy » 106990

Effective technology support team

What does it take to build an effective technology support team?

What are the personalities involved in IT support teams and how do they affect relationships within and without the technical staff.

Business / Human Resources Management / Managing Teams » 136416

Employee Survey

Background: The CEO has asked the Vice President of Human Resources to have the HR team to put together a CF&F Employee Survey that would assess the level of employee engagement. The CEO and Vice President believe that engaged employees are productive, innovative, and take ownership of results, ther READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / Organizational Behaviour » 139782
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