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Elements of Design Strategy

? What is design? How is design important to an organization? What would happen if design-principled problem solving was applied to your organization? Explain.

? What are the elements of design strategy? Why would different countries use different design strategies? In your opinion, are foreign design strategies more or less desirable than domestic design strategies? Explain your answer.

? What are the elements of fiscal strategy? What is the relationship between design and fiscal strategy? What would happen if your organization's fiscal strategy did not include design? Explain your answer.

? What are the four functions of management? How does design influence planning? What would happen if you applied design to leadership in an organization? Explain

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Business Management and the Principles of Design

First, design is part of a larger management discipline which includes the use of project management, strategy, design and supply chain tools and techniques to help achieve the organization's mission and strategic goals through the effective control of the firm's creative process, promoting an organizational culture which supports creativity, and by building an organizational structure for design.

Second, based on the above, we can see that design is very important for any organization. Design, first and foremost, impacts all levels of business from operational to strategic functions, and from discovery to execution activities. Now, if design-principled problem solving was applied to my organization, then this would mean that the decision making team has to have skills encompassing the marketing, operations and strategic functions of the firm.

The inclusion of marketing people into the decision making process given the implementation of a design-principled problem ...

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The elements of design strategies are examined.