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    Design Strategies Paper

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    Write a 350- to 700-word paper identifying at least two design strategies used by organizations based outside North America.

    Compare and contrast the key elements of each organization's design strategy.

    Determine if the design strategy is being applied to address an organizational strategy, process, product, or service problem.

    Cite your sources of information.

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    Design Strategies for Organizations

    Design strategy can be explained as the discipline, which is beneficial for a firm to determine the organization process and functions in order to accomplish the organizational goals in long term and short term. The design strategy plays an important role between the organization design and business strategy. Design strategies are also helpful to describe the methods of achieving required results and mitigate the risks of the business actions. Following are the common types of design strategies used by the businesses -
    Behavioral design strategy: It is the fundamental design model, which is ...

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    The expert compares and contrasts the key elements of each organization design strategies.