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    Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain Evaluation

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    This is a group project. (See attachment) I need help to get started with an introduction to the paper of 100-150 words. The rest of the paper will be handled.

    Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain Evaluation Paper

    a. After reviewing the market analysis, Riordan has decided to create a new line of bottles. This new line consists of plastic perfume bottles with an unusual design for a Canadian perfume manufacturer in Vancouver. The Learning Team will develop a new domestic supply chain for this product.

    b. Riordan Manufacturing is creating a new strategic business plan for the entire organization. The Learning Team is representing the Supply Department on the Strategic Planning Committee.


    1) Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word paper in which you develop a supply chain philosophy for Riordan Manufacturing. What recommendations would you present to the Strategic Planning Committee to integrate your supply chain philosophy into the strategic plan? Defend your recommendations.

    2) Items to consider when making and defending your recommendations:

    a) The current mission statement

    b) The supply chain executive staff reporting structure

    c) The market and customers

    d) Potential competitors

    e) Supply chain potential to impact competitive advantage

    f) Supply chain participation in new products or service development

    g) Current supply chain reflection in Riordan's financial statements

    h) Supply chain ability to impact customer satisfaction

    i) Marketing and sales plan projections

    j) The operations plan (in-source/outsource)

    k) Business risk analysis

    l) Technology requirement analysis

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    //As per the requirements of this assignment, we have to first understand about the business and its scope. We should know in what kind of industry this business is functioning and about the services provided to the customers. So, we will write about the nature of the company under the heading of introduction.


    Riordan Manufacturing is a leading company in the industry of plastic manufacturing ...

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