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    Staffing plan for Riordan's international expansion project

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    Hi Fariba, attached is the final part of my project I need help with. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it :-)

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    Hello Denise

    Thanks for choosing to work with me on this last solution :-).

    Below and attached are the answers (same answers in 2 different formats) to your questions on a business plan for Riordan's expansion into Poland for MBAGM 592. This is part 2 of your week 6 project.

    Remember that this is a study guide and to use it as such. You still need to put your assignment in your own words. You can summarize, and paraphrase the information to fit your needs but I would advise that you do not turn it in word for word as your own work or you risk plagiarism.

    Remember to adjust your page numbers in the table of contents.


    Business Plan for Poland Expansion 2008
    Riordan Plastics Manufacturing
    Denise (Last Name Here)
    Street Address
    Address 2
    City, ST ZIP Code

    I. Table of Contents
    I. Table of Contents 2
    II. Executive Summary 3
    III. Company Description 3
    IV. Marketing Plan 3
    V. Staffing Plan 3
    VI. Financial Plan 3
    VII. References 3

    Executive Summary
    Riordan must move into markets that have high competitiveness strength. Poland's competitiveness strength is high for Riordan because its business environment allows for a strong market that encourages the rapid growth of foreign direct investment with a low degree of risk imposed by the legal and political environments. This means that Poland presents the best market penetration opportunity for Riordan in the EU because its strong GDP growth has pushed up imports causing the current-account deficit which reflects the high profitability of foreign-owned firms such as Riordan operating in Poland. Furthermore Poland's sustained political stability and business friendly government continue to ensure a rise in FDI. Lastly a strong and growing domestic market and the availability of multiple channels of distribution, and a ready supply of competent and commutatively priced labor indicate a continuing demand for goods that Riordan will be able to profitably supply with its plastic goods.
    Company Description
    Riordan Manufacturing was initially founded in 1991 and has seen significant growth since its inception. Today Riordan Manufacturing is a global competitor in the plastics market with over 550 employees. Projected earnings exceed $46 million with an intense focus on manufacturing and sale of plastic beverage bottles, custom plastic parts, and plastic fan parts. This plan will outline an international expansion project with into Poland that Riordan can use to retain its competitive edge in a global economy.
    Marketing Plan
    Riordan's strategic objective is to better penetrate the global market to attain its goal of remaining the world's premier plastics company. To achieve this objective Riordan has elected to pursue a global expansion project which involves entering Poland as a manufacturing, distribution and marketing base in the European Union (EU).
    Supply Chain
    Riordan has designed a supply chain for the Poland project to ensure the smooth coordination of materials, information, and funds from the initial raw material suppliers to the ultimate customers (Daniels, Radebaugh & Sullivan, 2004). Riordan believes that superior global supply chain management, including inventory planning, is achieved by coordinating decisions across business functions, across geographically dispersed facilities, and across planning horizons stretching from one day to several years (Shapiro, 2005).
    Coordinating efforts between customers, suppliers, and partners while ...

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    This is a staffing plan in line with Riordan's business objectives and the selected country for Riordan's international expansion project. Riordan is a fictitious company embarking on an international expansion project.