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    Presentation Critique

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    Critiqued by answering these questions:

    1. Organization of PPT work?
    2. Slide design and layout?
    3. Connection to research of the Power Point presented?
    4. Identify areas for expansion, gaps of information missing, or required more clarification, with specifics - no generalities?
    5. Room for improvement for the PPT?
    6. After viewing PPT, is there an acquisition of knowledge from this presentation? What?

    The Power Point presentation is attached!

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    1. The organization of the PPT has several gaps. The introduction says that Helping Hands is a full service clinic but it does not say what services it will provide. Will it provide ophthalmological or orthopedic services? Even though the notes say that the clinic will be up within one year, there is no timeline for the setting up and functioning of the clinic. The presentation says that setting up of a business takes a lot of hard work. It is not clear if the Helping Hands clinic will be profitable. Is it a for profit organization? The PPT does not specify the profit goals of the clinic. In the pricing section it says the objective of pricing is to be profitable. Finances, staffing, and location are clear in the organization of the PPT. The staffing does not say how many people will be employed. It does not even specify the number of physicians. The PPT does not show an understanding of the medical needs of the people in the location. It should study the requirements, ...

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