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    Critiques for academics or professionals

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    Think about how a critique might be used in your area of academic and/or professional interest. Help us to understand who the audience for the critique might be and how that audience might use the information contained in the critique.

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    A critique in my area of interest would include an evaluation of a new software for education, or a new educational technology, such as a smart board or a digital projector, or a new hand-held interactive device. This is part of the job that I currently have, to critique, or evaluate these things, and then recommend whether it is in the school's or students' best interests to purchase this software, or this technology, for use in the classrooms - and which classrooms, which subject areas, and which grade level students this would be most appropriate for. In addition, my critique should indicate what the research has to say about this software or technology, how other schools are using it, and what they recommend as to functionality, cost to benefit ratio, acceptance and use by staff and students, etc. All of this information I gather, organize and present to the administration and the faculty at my school, and a decision is made to purchase or not to purchase based on my recommendation. Once a purchase decision is made, I then get to design the implementation of the new software or technology: training sessions for faculty and students, and collecting of data to present that helps administration to see how the new technology has ...

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    Critique - what is it, and what does it entail? Some examples of critiques in the business world and educational world, plus some suggestions of a critique for personal reasons are provided.