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Internet Presentation Companies

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I need heip with conducting a search of websites that provide Internet presentations. Select one and critique its content, visuals, and the presenter's skills. Make sure to include the URL.

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There are many websites that provide help creating Internet presentations from SlideShare, which has both free and paid options, to Google Docs, which is free, to BrainShark and myBrainshark, which offer different versions depending upon the user. Online presentations are an effective marketing and communication tool. They can be used to coordinate with classmates and colleagues or to keep clients informed with information that is current and targeted for a particular audience. Used as a business tool, Internet presentations can be a great way to reach a target audience, providing an excellent avenue to present important information and add clarity to programs. Presentation websites allow users to upload existing presentations, typically, or create them with the service. Some services, like Spresent, allow users to import content from Flickr and YouTube to add to their presentation. Sites like Prezi allow users to add extra creativity to presentations to make it stand out, whereas Slidebank enables users to create presentations and easily retrieve them through a simplified storage ...

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This solution provides information on websites that provide Internet presentations. It critiques one of the sites. APA reference is included.

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