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    investing in its IS infrastructure

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    You have been assigned the task of producing a brief presentation on how your organization should approach investing in its IS infrastructure.

    Title your presentation and develop an outline with notes of what you will discuss. You might want to center your presentation on types of infrastructures, how the internet is the network of choice, or the types of IT investments.

    Be sure to include what type of models you would use in your discussion such as those depicted in Figure 5-12 see attachment (McNurlin &Sprague, 2004). This should only require one or two pages to convey.

    Can you help me with some ideas?

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    Investing in IS infrastructure is a very important part of the company's growth and development of competitiveness. There are different types of IS infrastructure in different organizations. In some organizations PCs are used for accounting, correspondence and payroll preparation. In some organizations, almost every department uses PCs and these are connected through a local area network to a central server that provides software and internet connectivity to its users. Finally, there are organizations where every employee has access to a personal computer that is supported by required software and internet connectivity. These organizations have a well-structured IT/IS department, they provide strong customer support service suing IS infrastructure, their supply chain is supported by the IS infrastructure, the point of sales data is stored and analyzed, and they sell their products through the internet. Such companies have a ...

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