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Internet Marketing Strategies

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Your manager has asked you to investigate the Internet marketing strategies used by the company's major competitors. Use the Library, the Internet, and any other resources to research competitors and prepare a presentation. Here are the questions to address for each of the companies you selected. Answer each question for at least three companies you find.

1. What market segment(s) seem to be targeted by the company?
2. What is/are the most important customer benefit(s) stressed?
3. How does the company attempt to connect (develop a relationship) with its customers?
4. What is the company's chief strategic advantage over its competitors?
5. What features should your company build into its web site that would rival the competitor's site?

Your assignment should be 8-12 PowerPoint slides

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This solution provides a brief PPT outline for a presentation on market segmentation.

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Here's some advice on how to structure your PPT as you have requested.

Title: The name of the company with "Introduction" or "Company Overview" as the subtitle.

Slide 1-3 can be used to provide a brief overview of each company. You may also choose to list all of this information on one slide. The overview should include the name of the company, when it was established, the type of product or service offered, it's annual sales for the previous year and should highlight where it ranks amongst it competitors (for example: if the company is rated number 1 by customers, highlight this type of information).

Title: Market Segmentation

Slide 2 or 4-answer question 1. ...

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