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    IMC and Promotional Strategies of Nike

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    1. Complete a minimum 800 word paper analyzing today's promotion strategies of the company you have chosen (Nike athletic shoes).
    2. The analysis should include but is not limited to:
    a. Evaluation of current promotional strategies.
    b. Evaluation of current integrated marketing communications (IMC).
    c. Your recommendations for promotion and IMC strategies.
    i. Does one strategy look more promising than others?
    ii. Should one or more strategies be dropped?
    iii. What factors support your recommendation?

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    Promotional Strategies of Nike
    Target Audience of Nike for its Athletic shoes include all those people who are interested in sports and athletics and youth.
    Positioning Strategy of Nike - Nike has positioned its athletic shoes as free running shoes (Watch the following video on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iozZTJB2XOw).
    The company has been banking on the old Just Do It campaigns and its logo and swoosh are still memorable. Just Do It remind of energy and activity and these include all people who are sporty or have interest in sports.
    Message - The company has used an emotional appeals in their advertising campaigns. The new message of free running communicates the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among consumers.

    Celebrity Endorsement by Nike - Nike, a company well known for endorsing Michael Jordan as its brand ambassador is now turning to the new sensation in the market - the latest star Jeremy Lin (Cheng, 2012: 24 February). This basketball sportsperson has created an excitement in the sports with his outstanding performance in NBA league leading the win of New York Knicks (Mahoney, 2012: 15 February). Therefore, the brand personality is being linked by the company to this latest celebrity star and the attributes of Nike matching with this star are - youth, contemporary and exciting.

    Sales Promotion by Nike
    Nike offers Clearance Shoes wherein occasionally special price offers are made (Nike Inc., 2012: ...

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