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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

I am putting together an Integrated Marketing Communications plan for the Dell Studio 15 Series laptops. I need help with the following. I need to incorporate these elements into the overall plan (with proper references) and need .ppt slides for them as well.

Market Assessment and Strategy
a) Branding
b) Positioning statement
c) Budget allocation

(a) objectives
(b) goals
(c) plan
(d) budget allocation

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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the Dell Studio 15 Series laptops


The proper marketing communication is very helpful for an organization to capture more market share and maintain existing pie of the market because the flow of effective communication between the company and consumer influences the marketing activities of a company (Kotler, 2002). Dell incorporation will also be easily able to position its new series Dell Studio 15 Series laptops if it uses integrated marketing communication that covers branding, positioning statement, budget, sales objectives, goals, etc. to deliver a consistent image of the company and its products.

Market Assessment and Strategy

Branding: The brand reputation of Dell computers is very strong. The company provides quality and cost effective products to the consumers. Marketing strategies and promotional tools has developed a strong image of the Dell in the eyes of the customers (Lee, 2005). In addition, the firm has also developed strong brand reputation with the help of after sale services strategy. Presently, the brand of Dell is linked with the stagnant PC market (Ricadela, 2009). The new series of Dell Studio 15 Series laptops enables the company to drive its performance in the international market.

Positioning Statement: Development of the positioning strategy is dependent on the number of competitors. Dell Incorporation is the international company, which is operating in the highly changing and competitive environment. The positioning statement for the Dell Incorporation is "Easy to Buy, Easy to Own", and "Easy as Dell" (). Performance of Dell Studio 15 Series laptops is very string with the attractive looks and ...

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