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You're a marketing manager at Starbucks, which just raised its prices by an average of 11%.
Your boss wants to know what integrated marketing communications (IMC) vehicles you will emphasize to maintain the company's growth despite customer unhappiness with the price boost.
Why did you choose those tools?
What basic message will you communicate?

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a key planning tool for customer-focused marketing. IMC is based on centralized marketing communication efforts, it includes a system of accountability and studies how different programs affect your markets and consumers.
The key to IMC is its ability to improve, test, read results and adapt -- to develop a generalist perspective in the age of specialization.
· Research
· Marketing
· Advertising
· Promotions
· Public Relations
· Direct Communications
· Strategic Communications Plans
Integrated Marketing Communications combines these elements into a single program or plan to express a consistent and effective marketing communication efforts. Strarbucks should begin with thorough research and detailed consumer information on which it can build a synchronized communications strategy that reaches every market segment with a single, unified message.
Starbucks should use a system and a process, rather than pieces and parts thrown together.
Instead of concentrating primarily on budgets and allocation of resources, Starbucks should ask how the marketing ...

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