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Several problems on exponents, equations/system of equations

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Question #1 / 50

Question #2 / 50
Simplify the following expression:

Question #3 / 50
The volume of a right circular cone is given by
The letter stands for the radius of the circular base of the cone, and is the height of the cone.
Solve for .
Question #4 / 50
Solve the following equation for .

Simplify your answer as much as possible.

What are the points do not need to graph

Question #5 / 50
Graph the line.

Question #6 / 50
Find the slope of the line graphed below.

(-7,8) (5,-7)

Question #7 / 50
Find the values of and that solve the following system of equations:

Question #8 / 50
Express the following product of powers of as a single power of :

Question #9 / 50
Simplify the following:
Question #10 / 50
Write without parentheses:

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The expert solves exponents for equation/systems of equations. A step by step detailed solution is provided to explain the concept.

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