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    Several problems on quadratic function & system of equations

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    1. 2x-9=-3
    The solution is x=

    2. Fran swims at a speed of 2.4km/h in still water. The lazy river flows at a speed of 0.8km/h. How long will it take Fran to swim 1.6km upstream.
    It will take Fran ____ hr to swim 1.6 km upstream

    3. |x-6|=27
    The solution set is ?

    4. g(x)=10/1-2x
    What is the correct domain

    5. 9x-2y = -108
    What is the solution of the system

    6. (r^2-3+^2)(r^2+2^+2)

    7. -5y^5 + 20y^4
    Factor out a factor with a negative coefficient

    8. Factor the trinomial
    v^2-2v + 16
    The answer is ___
    type N if the trinomial is not a factorable

    9.27 r^2+ 18r+ 3
    What is the factor

    10. 3a^2+ 22a +40=0

    11. A driver drove at a speed of 64mph for r hours. How far did the driver go? the algebraic expression 64 mph at r hours is d= ____ miles.

    12. -3(3c+14d)

    13. 20a+12b-12a+18b=____
    Collect terms

    14. Simply by removing parentheses and collecting like terms
    simplify your answer

    15. a^11.a-3
    Simplify your answer. Type exponential notation with positive exponents

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