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    Geometry - Real Life Application Problems

    Understanding of how geometry applies to in real-world contexts


    A rectangular living room measures 12 feet by 10 feet. A carpet placed on the floor leaves a border 2 feet wide all around it. What is the area of the border?


    Jack fenced his field in an octagon shape. The perimeter of the field is 86 m. Find the length of a side of the field.


    The perimeter of a rectangular room is 56 ft. It has the a length of 18 ft. What is the area of the dilated room if the scale factor is 6?


    A garden is 40 m long and 30 m wide. A uniform path is set around the edge. What is the width of the path if the remaining area of the garden is 800 m^2?


    A rectangle is dilated with a scale factor of 4. The length and the width of the rectangle are 6 ft and 4.5 ft, respectively. What is the area of the dilated rectangle?