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Mar 2008
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  • BSc, Meerut University, 1987
  • MSc, Meerut University, 1989
  • MPhil, Institute of Advanced Studies, 1990


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Finding critical path, expected completion time & probability of the job taking more than 50 working days

*18. DEF A/C Remodelers has contracted to reconfigure the interior of a large corporate A/C. The project manager has determined that there are 11 steps to the process. In consultation with the project foreman he has determined the sequence and precedent for the 11 events, labeled A - K, and has READ MORE »

Statistics / Descriptive Statistics / Quantative Analysis of Data / Central Tendency » 220507

Statistics Analysis for Number of Days Americans Take Vacation

The number of days Americans take each year for vacation is normally distributed with a mean of 15.8 days and a standard deviation of 2.2 days.

X P(X < x) P(X > x) Mean Std dev

11 .0146 .9854 15.8 READ MORE »

Statistics / Descriptive Statistics / Quantative Analysis of Data / Normal Distribution » 378730

The answer to Several algebra Word problems

#108. 108. Comparing wind chills. Use the formula from Exercise 107 to determine who will feel colder: a person in Minneapolis at 10°F with a 15-mph wind or a person in Chicago at 20°F with a 25-mph wind.

#132. Top bond fund. An investment of $10,000 in the Emerging Country Debt Fund READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Basic Algebra » 218220

Postulates of the Special Theory of Relativity

1. State and explain the postulates of the special theory of relativity.

2. Suppose a person riding on top of a freight car shines a searchlight beam in the direction in which the train is traveling. Compare the speed of the light beam relative to the ground when:

a.The train is at rest.

Physics / Particle Physics / Relativity / General Relativity / Equivalence Principle » 290909

Similarities and differences between functions & linear equations, difference between domain and range and Real-life Application of function

1. What similarities and differences do you see between functions and linear equations studied in chapter 3? A linear equation can have one, two, three or more variables and functions are expressed by using math symbols such as y is the output and x is the input.
Are all linear equations functions READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Linear Algebra » 209518
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