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    IMC & Marketing Comparisons

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    1.Describe the relationship between IMC & marketing strategy in profit & non-profit organizations.

    2.Describe a real world example of IMC

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    In the last two decades new advances in technology have shifted the focus of traditional marketing techniques. Because of new and widely available technologies on the internet, consumers can now access information on demand and search for the products and services that interest them. As a result of this widespread consumer access to information, it has become apparent that for profit companies do not determine the dynamics of selling their own products as much as their customers do. Similarly the services delivered by non-profits are determined by consumers of those services rather by the non-profit organizations themselves. In today's marketplace the driving force of the market is no longer companies with products to sell or services to offer, rather it is their customers who determine what, where, and how they want to buy products or use services. To successfully communicate with today's consumers, traditional marketing tactics must be replaced with a targeted, customer-focused approach.
    Integrated marketing ...

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    This is a comparison of IMC & Marketing describing the relationship between IMC & marketing strategy in profit & non-profit organizations as well as the description of a real world example of IMC.