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    International marketing for the USA

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    You are the marketing manager for a U.S. based company that specializes in skin care creams (much like Olay). The company is introducting a new line of anti-aging creams (the target market is middle-aged women) in Japan and England. You are to develop an IMC to communicate with the target market in Japan and England. Use at least 2 different elements of IMC (ad, PS, pub, SP, etc) and various applications. Explain considerations for the sequence/timing of the IMC actions. Explain common IMC actions to be used in both countries and what might need to be done differently in each country.

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    Running Head: International Marketing

    Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

    Here, in this paper an integrated marketing communication plan will be developed for a U.S. based company that specializes in skin care creams much like Olay company. Now, the company is introducing a new line of anti-aging creams in Japan and England, especially for middle-aged women. For effectively communicating with its target consumers of Japan and England it requires an effective integrated marketing communication plan. Here, in this paper, the IMC plan will be developed along with the consideration of different elements of IMC and various applications. In addition to this, here considerations for the sequence/timing of the IMC actions will be explained so that an effective plan can be developed by the company.
    Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
    The heart of an IMC plan lies in the fact what the company intent to say about the product and how the company wants to say, so this thing should be considered while formulating any communication strategy. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the marketing strategy of the company that involves integration of all the promotional mix such as personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing and advertising, which is aimed to communicate the inherent message associated with the product or brand. The strategic intent of this IMC plan is to create long term bond with the target market.
    IMC is a cross functional process that is aimed to perform all forms of essential tasks for the company such as marketing, financial, operational and production. An effective IMC plan plays a pivotal role in transforming the business and establishing a prominent presence in foreign countries (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005). To maintain competency in the intended market, IMC is a viable approach, as it assist the company to attain coordination between the diverse activities of marketing. Apart from this, through this IMC plan, the company can communicate the desired message to the potential customer.
    Development of Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
    Development of an integrated marketing communication plan is not an easy task as it involves number of steps, which the company also has to ...

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