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Marketing Environment Comparisons

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I must compare marketing environments between the US and Japan. Please highlight the key legal situations for each country that impact their marketing environments.

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//Before explaining about different factors of marketing environment, it is essential to have knowledge about the 'Marketing Environment'. One should know about the main aspects of marketing environment, which further will assist in analyzing the environmental factors in an effective manner.//

Marketing Environment

Marketing Environment is the sum total of all the external and internal forces that influence the marketing activities of the firm (Kotler, 2000). Internal forces can be controlled by the firm to an extent while the external forces are beyond the control of the firm. Marketing environment of Japan and the US differ a lot in various aspects. The difference between the two countries is further discussed in detail.

//Above is the discussion of marketing environment. Moving to the next part of the directions, explanation about the marketing environmental factors like socio cultural, demographic, economical, technological, political and legal, is to be discussed.//

The environmental factors can be categorized into following types:

1. Socio Cultural

2. Demographic

3. Economic

4. Technological

5. Political

6. Legal

1. Socio Cultural Factors:

These factors include the attitude, beliefs, norms, value and lifestyle of individuals in the society. The societies in Japan and America are completely poles apart.

Japanese society is considered to be highly cultured and ...

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