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    Comparisons, Contrasts and Conclusions

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    Please let me know if you can help with the following:

    This post asks about comparing and contrasting two specific people, events, or organizations. No personal, political or religious topics.

    Topics should be focused on business, workplace and career communications.

    You may write about interests such as sports, music, and the arts.

    Sample Topics:

    Compare two ways to manage an employee who is always late
    Compare two bosses you have experienced
    Compare your first day on a job with your last day
    If you want to get away from work, stick to neutral topics like:

    Two types of music you enjoy
    Watching college basketball vs. professional basketball
    Playing two different sports

    Outline your comparison.

    Do not compare objects or programs based on simple facts. For instance, "Department A has 10 people; department B has 5." Your comparison should be based on analytical thinking.

    Contrast: Accounting vs. Marketing Departments in My Company

    I. Overview: This paper contrasts two departments in my company, accounting and marketing, based on annual turnover of staff, respect from senior management and dress code.

    II. Comparison based on turnover

    A. People in marketing have different educational backgrounds and personalities compared to people in accounting. .

    B. Management says it is easier to recruit for marketing than for accounting.

    III. Comparison based on dress code

    A. Marketing department staff wears jeans and polo shirts, while accountants dress up every day. This suggests that the culture is... [It's not enough to list facts; interpret them and explain the differences.)

    B. Marketers dress formally for meetings with clients, while accountants dress the same way all the time. ....and so on.

    Important: Do not simply describe one thing and then the other, with perhaps a short paragraph discussing the differences. In the above example, you would not have a description of the marketing department followed by a description of the accounting department. Instead, each paragraph would be about one way in which these departments are similar or different.

    Thanks once again for all your help and assistance.

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