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International Marketing

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See attached case study: Chinese Refrigerator Maker Finds U.S. Chilly

1. Why has Haier faced difficulties in marketing its high end refrigerator in the US? How might it solve these problems?

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1. Why has Haier faced difficulties in marketing its high end refrigerator in the US?

Haier is having difficulties in marketing its high end refrigerator in the US because its brand name is relatively unknown in the USA. Even though Haier is a very large manufacturer of refrigerators in the world, in the US it is only known as a marketer of small appliances. It is relatively unknown for making refrigerators. The second reason why Haier has been unsuccessful in marketing refrigerators in the USA is that its manufacturing costs in the US are 10 times its costs in China. The high costs translate into higher prices, which make Haier high end refrigerators unattractive to the consumers.

Another reason for the weak sales in the USA ...

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