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    A brand is used to differentiate products offered by businesses in a similar market. The goal of branding is not to discount the other products available, rather, it seeks to make potential customers see that their product is the only product available that will solve their problem or need. Being successful in branding your product or company requires extensive knowledge of the target market. The business wants their name to occur in the minds of potential customers every time they think of the problem or need.

    A good brand will deliver the value proposition of its products clearly, confirm the company’s credibility for solving the customers’ problems, connect emotionally to the target market and motivates the buyer to purchase the product offered consistently. Defining a brand is a difficult process because there are many aspects that must be considered in order to make it effective. Defining a brand should include these explanations:

    1. Clearly define what products/services the business is offering and their feature qualities.
    2. Describe the core values of the company and how they relate to the product or service they are offering.
    3. Describe the mission of the company and what they specialize in.
    4. Define the target market and what the products or services will address within this market.
    5. Find a tagline (motto) for the company. What message does it send to potential customers and other business?

    When branding, it is very important that the company concentrate specifically on its target market. Trying to satisfy more than one target market will create a product that does not benefit either market ideally and will result in decreased sales.

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    Immersive Media Marketing

    Episode 4: What are the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence in marketing? (2019, April 8). [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=DrF5_PzCXak&feature=emb_logo Kumari, P. (2021). How User-Generated Content Provides Brands with A Competitive Edge & Helps Them Optimize their ROI. PromotionWor

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    Discuss some popular qualitative methods used in marketing research. Aside from focus groups, which method caught your attention as something that would be beneficial for your research problem? How would you use it, and what would it tell you?

    Digital Content and Marketing

    Identify a business that you feel does an effective job of providing relevant and interesting digital content on a variety of platforms in a way that engages instead of "interrupting." Show (illustrate) some examples that demonstrate the types of content that come across as interesting and relevant, rather than "forced market

    Research Problem, Research Questions, Research Objectives

    Succinctly state management's decision problem. This can be stated in a simple declarative sentence: "ABC Company needs to _________." Or, it can be a "should" question: "What should management do to __________?" Then turn management's problem into the research problems and objectives . This is an important first step in a marke


    Referring to Fusch, Fusch, & Ness and other academic references that you find, write a proposal outlining a public-sector mini-ethnography (qualitative research) that you recommend to a governmental organization/institution/agency or any non-profit organization/institution that focuses on some of the consumer behavior concepts

    Challenger Brand

    NOTE: The "Challenger Brand" is the brand you are using for your Brand Audit. This brand and the data resulting from this discussion are also used for this week's written assignment. Select one industry and name the brand category leader and a 'Challenger Brand' in that industry. Put the 'challenger' brand's name in the subje

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    Define ethnographic research, its role in public-sector research, and reflect on your own research. Describe some of the basic features of ethnographic research. Explain why ethnography is important to IMC specialists in the public sector. Give at least one real-life example (i.e. search for case studies, academic articles,

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    You will need to develop two execution plans: one for earned and one for owned that include the following: Earned Media Plan A set of specific measurable earned media (PR) objectives for Boeing. Remember to always structure your objectives with anticipated measurable outcomes specific to your earned media recommendations. 3-

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    Public relations can be used to promote a brand and also restore trust after a crisis. Share the story of a corporate brand that experienced a significant public crisis. Discuss the brand's approach to earned media as a result of the crisis and its messaging. What part did social media play? What PR and social media tactics did

    Boeing: Paid media objectives and execution

    Develop a media plan for Boeing that incorporates the use of paid advertising across traditional and digital media platforms. Please remember that a media plan is focused primarily on purchased media (time and space). Your proposed Boeing media plan has three critical sections: Measurable Paid Media Objectives. A bulleted

    Breaking through advertising clutter

    Find an integrated advertising campaign with paid media components running on both digital and traditional (print, radio, or TV) media that you believe effectively breaks through the clutter with its message, design, and ad placement. This can be from any product category. Please describe the ad in detail and the placement (incl