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    Branding and Deep Discounting

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    How is Branding linked to Discounting?

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    David Aaker, also referred to as 'Father of Modern Brand Management' suggested in an e-mail interview with 'The Economic Times', a newspaper of Bennet Coleman & Co. Ltd., that in order to deal with deep discounters, companies need to bring innovation and develop loyalty among the consumers through their social emotional connection that will make a strong brand (Bailay, 2019: Feb. 18). Further, he quoted that the youth can be attracted through wow factor and signature stories as they are not interested in brands or their offerings (Bailay, 2019: Feb. 18). This signifies how deep discounters have been able to retain the consumers and companies need to bring innovation and create wow stories to attract consumers from the discounters. He also shared that Wal-Mart was able to reduce the negative wave and hostility against the company due to its socially connecting environmental programs due to which the consumers could not hate it (Bailay, 2019: Feb. 18).

    Although the company was able to avoid negative perceptions about the company and Walmart remained a strong brand but ...

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