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    Corporate Branding: Rosewood Hotels

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    Describe the benefits of branding at Rosewood Hotels.
    Why should they be concerned with branding all hotels in the product line as "Rosewood"?
    What is the impact of branding the Rosewood Hotels' on profit?
    What type of corporate branding strategy should rosewood use?

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    The benefits of branding at Rosewood hotels is that more than anything else, it will encourage loyalty and increase the hotel's recognition amongst both existing and potential clients. In the case of rosewood having other portfolios, branding would help spread the same recognition and loyalty to them as well.

    The reason for the concern with branding all hotels ...

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    This solution highlights the benefits of branding in for Rosewood Hotels. Included is a discussion of the the type of branding strategy that should be utilized and the impact of branding on profit.