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    Cultural Training for National Chain

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    Review slides 18 and 20 in the attachment - Background. Using your work organization (Brunt Hotels, which can be located in any nation in the world), describe the degree to which it can be compared to the cultural dimensions mentioned in the slides. It is not necessary to use the numbering system you see; instead, describe your organization in your own words.

    ? Brunt Hotels PLC is a national chain of hotels in the UK
    ? There are currently 60 hotels throughout the UK, including 20 in London
    ? The organization's revenue was over £220 million ($440million) last year
    ? They currently have over 7000 employees
    ? They have recently acquired a small chain of hotels located in France from the Bradley Group.
    ? Half of the new hotels in France will be retained and will be re-branded as part of Brunt Hotels PLC. The other half of the hotels will be sold.
    ? The organization has decided that they want to implement an ethnocentric approach whereby they send some of their existing managers (based in the UK) over to France to lead the change-over of the new hotels and then to manage them when they re-open.
    ? The organization has never owned any overseas hotels before so has engaged your services as external consultants to advise them on all of the key decisions.
    ? A large number of their existing managers have said that they would like the chance to work abroad
    ? None of their existing managers can speak French
    ? They will allow 4 weeks in which the re-branding of the hotels should take place and then the new hotels must be ready to open
    ? They expect to have to recruit a large number of staff to the new French hotels because over 70% of the employees have left to join new organizations
    ? They will require their managers to be flexible and move between different countries if any problems arise

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    Cultural Training:

    The global interaction of businesses with diverse markets calls for effective cultural management in the organization. This will be attained through cultural awareness training so the cultural diversity experienced in the different target regions can be incorporated properly in the operations of an organization. Brunt Hotels PLC is a national chain of hotels in the UK. This means that it has a varied target market that have their unique characteristics. The current 60 hotels that have been dispersed all over UK have to be custom made to suit the needs of the people in the target market (Cross Cultural, 2012).

    Power distance/ Institutional Collectivism:

    This is the extent where the members of the organization accept the unequal distribution of power. As Brunt Hotel is interacting with its publics in the target market, it should ensure that it relates in an equal manner to the esteemed clients. The organizational culture of the corporation should support positive relations between the management body and the subordinates of the corporation. The power distance status of the diverse regions the organization ...

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