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    The Evolution of the National Incident Management System

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    Discuss the evolution of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and its effectiveness today?
    What role does (should ) the private security industry, and the public at large, play in the Global War on Terrorism?
    What role does cross-cultural exchange play in the support of, or prevention of international terrorism? What current US policies impact this cross-cultural exchanges?

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    The National Incident Management System is a highly flexible and coordinated system that is designed for the enhancement of the government's ability to effectively respond to natural disasters and terrorist acts of every caliber. What makes this system so unique is the fact that nongovernmental agencies also have the capacity to effectively use this system in their efforts to effectively combat natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

    The National Incident Management System's initial development was begun in February of 2003, but was not fully functional until March 2004. Upon its inception, a presidential derivative stipulated a requirement that all federal agencies were required to adopt this new system, and to use it in their incident management activities, as well as to have all of their staff members properly briefed on the ramifications of this new system. By providing staff members with training manuals that thoroughly explain the procedures to be followed when implementing the National Incident Management System, agencies could smoothly transition from their previous systems to this new system. As this system evolved and was defined, new mandates required that all emergency management personnel at the federal, state, and local levels receive NIMs training by October 1, 2006. This training would ensure that not only would federal emergency response employees be well-trained and versed in this new ...