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Use of expatriates, host-country nationals

What are the pros and cons of using expatriates, host-country nationals, and third-country nationals to run overseas operations? If you were expanding your business, what approach would you use?

What are the biggest cultural obstacles to overcome if we are to work effectively in Mexico? France? Japan?

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The use of expatriates is common and their use is mostly due to the corporate needs to have someone in the organization's operations in the host country. The pros then occur due to the knowledge they provide about the company, the organization's structure and culture, and the production and product's needs. The cons are the training that must be done for them to settle successfully in the foreign environment and the amount of compensation that is needed. In many cases, the family of the expatriate must be moved with the worker and this is expensive as well. The costs are the con in using expatriates.

Using host country nationals is excellent for having someone who can guide the company through ...

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The use of expatriates and the host-country nationals are examined.