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    Rate of male expatriates

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    There are more male expatriates. Why is this? As an IHRM, if you were asked to hire only female expatriates for middle manager positions for a manufacturing company operating in Malaysia, what characteristics would you look for in prospective employees?

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    In referring to "If you were asked to hire only female expatriates for middle manager positions..." as an HR professional in an IHRM firm, there would possibly be two violations of Federal employment laws mandated by the Civil Rights Acts.

    Hiring "only women" is discriminatory to men. Also, hiring "only women" for middle management positions and not for higher management positions could violate the glass ceiling legislation that prevents discrimination of promoting women. Even though the female expatriate middle managers will be working in Malaysia, the corporate offices located and registered in the US must follow all employment laws mandated by the US Federal Government (i.e. Civil Rights Acts).

    Often times, candidates are selected by line managers because of the candidates' technical expertise. Because of this, expatriates rarely do not ...

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    The rate of male expatriates are determined. What characteristics you would look for in prospective employees is determined.