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Perceptions of Branding

View these (http://duaneeknapp.com/duane-knapp-video.php)

Videos by Duane Knapp, an authority of building genuine brand, which describe the significance of branding. Then review this (http://www.traveltalkmedia.com/archives_sep21_08.html#1007)

Audio (sections 7 and 8) from Knapp on the science of branding, building community brands, and international branding.

Share your previous perceptions of branding. Then describe what you now see as branding, considering the view from Duane Knapp and the readings in your textbook. How have these resources and those found during your own research modified your initial assumptions?

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My perception of branding is that it is an integral part of marketing a product or service that
aligns what is being offered with an organization's intended image. Branding is the process of creating
an image consumers can associate the product or service with, that will create a memory or instant
recognition. Branding tells customers what they can and should expect of the product or service being
offered (Williams, 2013). Branding takes time, as recognition of the product or service first relies on
introduction to the market, then on frequent exposure. Branding is tied to marketing and promotion,
as a strong brand cannot be established without frequent exposure to consumers who desire products
or services.

However, branding may be viewed as more than simply reaching consumes with ...

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The perceptions of branding are given. How the resources and those found during your own research modified assumptions are given.