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Commercial Advertising

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What are some disadvantages of commercial advertising? Do some commercials mislead consumers? Explain.

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This solution explains some of the disadvantages of commercial advertising.

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Commercial Advertising

One of the primary purposes for commercial advertising is to attract public attention or market a product or service. Commercial Advertising is conducted by television, radio, billboards, and so forth. These various commercial streams reach various market segments depending on the goals of the organization. In some cases, there can be disadvantages to commercial advertising.

Commercial Advertising (Disadvantages)

The most common downside of commercial advertising for businesses is the return on investment (ROI). There are several disadvantage points that impacts the return on investment for most companies using commercial advertising.

1. Commercial Branding - Companies invest large amounts of capital into branding themselves. The idea here is to advertise things such as clichés, catch phrases, logos and so forth in order ...

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