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Political Ads

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Question 1.

One of the advertisements that I really admired was the advertisement named "real change". As Presidential Campaign of Obama was centered on bringing the change, this advertisement explained the meaning of "Real change" for Obama by explaining in clear and direct form. The ad clearly portrayed the intentions or thought process of Obama and highlighted the major change areas that we would touch after becoming president. Finally, I liked the final punch line of the ad, i.e., "Change has to be more than a slogan". It clearly reflected the intention of Obama to actually implement these thoughts, instead of just using it as a slogan in the campaign.

Such ads are simple, easy to understand, positive in tone and puts forth a clear image of the candidate in the minds of the viewers. Hence, I found this advertisement really effective.

Another Obama's As that I really liked was the Super bowl Ad. It was very trendy, upbeat and was very appealing. Titled "Join" The ad was very appealing and positive in nature. It really motivated people.

One of the least effective advertisements was by John McCain named Advice.

"By this advertisement, John McCain decided to attack Barack Obama on his connections to Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines. With Obama attempting to pass off McCain as a newcomer to the Hope-Change Express, McCain points out Obama's complete lack of economic experience - and points out that his adviser has a great deal of responsibility for Fannie Mae's ...

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