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    Business Policy and Strategy: Politician and Strategist Tactics

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    Describe the tactics that have been used by politicians that can also aid strategists.

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    In terms of political tactics which have been used by business strategists and vice-versa we have only to look back at the recent election. According to fastcompany.com (2010) there were a multitude of reasons why the Republicans regained control of Congress--issues of unemployment, voter discontent, tea party-ism; but the one influential factor you aren't likely to hear about is the use of political neuromarketing during the campaign. In addition, in terms of political tactics that may also work well for business policymakers, neuromarketers went public with research showing how political ads can drive emotional triggers in our unconscious brains; according to this site, by reading the responses taken from people linked to FMRI or EEG machines, neuromarketers and their clients aim to optimize stimuli (political messages) and reaction in consumers' brain and drive their (voting) decisions.

    According to fastcompany.com (2010) Darryl Howard, a consultant to two Republican winners in this year's election says he crafted neuromarketing-based messages for TV, direct mail ...

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