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    Tactics used by politicians that also aid strategists

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    Describe the tactics that have been used by politicians that can also aid strategists.

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    We very well know that the endeavors taken up by any individual or by the firm should be envisioned by the people involved, and then the next concern is how to achieve the vision, which we call strategy. Tactics that make us understand how to achieve the strategy are considered sub-strategies. More specifically, tactics are the detailed actions, series of actions and programs that are used to fulfill the strategy (Ryall & Craig, 2003). Actions, such as advertising and promoting the services always prove to be a successful move. Some of the tactics we will talk about are redirection and deferment, unprovoked confirmation that a statement is true, realistic, but not necessarily real links, taking advantage of the fear that each person has in his/her mind and bandwagon.

    In the above section, we discussed about the tactics and their usefulness, now; we will discuss about the tactics that listed above and how they find their utility in solving the purpose.

    We know it is important to convince people to ...

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    In this paper, we will discuss the business policy and strategy, and the tactics used by the politicians that can also be used to aid the strategies. We need to gain an understanding of the concept first before trying to prove it further. The response addresses the queries posted in 672 words with references.