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Business policy and strategy

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Discuss the three challenges that strategists face today. Provide at least 200-300 words

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The response addresses the queries posted regarding challenging facing strategists today in 405 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 405 words with references.
//Before discussing about the present challenges faced by strategists, we need to discuss about strategists and their significant roles in present competitive environment, as it will help us in understanding the challenges, they are confronting presently.//

Strategists are the individuals and various groups, who are significantly indulged in the conceptualization, execution and evaluation of a strategy. In a confined manner, we can confer that all managers are strategists, as they all play a significant role in creating business strategies. Primarily, these are the individuals outside the organization, who are also indulged in numerous aspects of strategic management (Murray, Galavan, Markides & Markides, 2008).

//Subsequent to ...

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