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    Business Management - Annotated Bibliography

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    I need taxonomy basically an annotated bibliography, about 500 words about anything that has to deal with Strategic Management or Business Policy and strategy. Summarize the theory with a brief overview of the import concepts and components. The object of your taxonomy is to identify at least ten separate and distinct theories related to our topic

    Analyze how the theory applies to the topic of strategic management.
    Asses how each separate theory you provide builds upon or conflicts with other theories you have provided in your taxonomy,.
    Final taxonomy should include article link or reference, follow APA guidelines, and be no more than five pages in length with two references per page
    Here are some Strategic management policies that you can use:

    1. Advantages and disadvantages of having international operations
    2. Explain the process of developing a mission statement
    3. Discuss the opportunities and threats China presents to an international firm interested in doing business with China
    4. Discuss what needs to be completed, besides the calculation and interpretation of ratios, to complete an effective financial ratio analysis
    5. Describe the tactics that have been used by politicians that can also aid strategists
    6. Compare and contrast the IE Matrix with the BCG Matrix
    7. Explain how to perform a projected financial analysis
    8. Discuss some of the reasons why strategy evaluation is becoming increasingly difficult with the passage of time
    9. Discuss the three challenges that strategists face today
    10. Remember you can write about anything that deal with Business Policy and Strategy

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    //This paper will mainly discuss the Strategic Management or Business Policy and strategy and analyze its important components and concepts. In this part of the paper, advantages and disadvantages of having international operations will be discussed. Within this, the international operations theory will be discussed, which applies to it. It will discuss the process of developing a mission statement also//.

    Lowson, R. (2002). Strategic Operations Management: The New Competitive Advantage. Routledge.

    International operations are advantageous as well as disadvantageous for a business. These operations provide economies of scale to a business while performing globally. Operating globally at a large scale enables the firm to allow higher sales volumes. Companies can earn incentives that the countries offer while operating at the international level. These operations enable the firm to recognize and adopt new technology, culture and various opportunities. On the other hand, due to international operations the firms have to face immense competition from domestic companies.

    Firms have to deal with different monetary systems. They have to face the regulations by the countries, where they are operating. Strategists can use the international, operational strategies for assessing the advantages and disadvantages of international operations. This strategy can be easily established by the companies by making certain changes in their domestic operations. With the help of this strategy, firms can analyze the responsiveness, cost and flexibility of international operations.

    Hill, C.W.L., & Jones, G.R. (2012). Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach (10th ed.). Cengage Learning.

    The mission statement of a firm is a critical aspect of strategic planning, which enables the firm to acknowledge, what it is up to try to accomplish in the future. It comes under the strategy formulation process of the company. It is the first component of this process, in which the management of the company identifies who they are and what they want to do.

    The mission statement of a firm includes the description of the company's products, its market or anticipated customers. The company's mission statement should be such, which clearly describes its goals and objectives. It helps the company to take consistent decisions and form an organizational unity, through which it integrates its short term goals with the long term goals. This acts as a source of direction for the stakeholders of the company.

    //This section of the paper will describe the opportunities and threats, which China presents to international firms and the concept of SWOT analysis, which is applicable to a business firm before going international. It will also describe what needs to be done to carry out an effective financial ratio analysis ...

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