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    Annotated bibliography provided

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    Prepare an annotated bibliography of the five resources (attached), be sure to address the following as a minimum:

    Include the full APA citation
    Discuss the scope of the resource
    Discuss the purpose and philosophical approach
    Discuss the underlying assumptions
    If referring to a research reporting article, present the methodology
    Relate the resource to the body of resources you have consulted in this course
    Discuss any evident limitations and opportunities for further inquiry.

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    I have provided you with a sample of the annotated bibliography to use. You will want to modify it based on your own knowledge and what your class requires. One of the requirements is to relate it to other resources from the course. You will need to make sure that is integrated in the response. You should also modify the information as it pertains to specific details from the article you might want to include or take out.

    Aziz, R., & Percey, D. (2009) Modelling approaches to enhance the quality of forecasting processes. Journal of Accounting, Business, and Management, 16 (2), 28-35.

    This article is based on the analysis of forecasting and how using different modelling can help ...

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    Annotated bibliography example using the article and stated requirements.