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Supply chain Issues and trends

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Need two articles on supply chain Issues and trends. Then write two articles and topics based on: (a) annotated bibliographies and (b) academic criticism. Why are annotated bibliographies so important? Consider that you may have hundreds of scholarly articles before you are finished. How you categorize and organize those will be crucial. Which ones used a qualitative methodology? What was the problem statement? When you have hundreds of articles stacked up on the floor (or even electronically), the ability to find the ones you need, will become crucial. If you create a good annotated bibliography for every article you encounter, then you have that blueprint somewhere.

Start your discussion by summarizing that effort into a one-paragraph introduction to your discussion.

Last, follow up with a brief description of your experience with annotating your references. Be sure to include why this exercise is valuable for all sources you read.

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Step 1
Two articles on supply chain issues and trends:
Kenneth W. Green, Pamela J. Zelbst, Jeramy Meacham, Vikram S. Bhadauria, (2012) "Green Supply Chain Management Practices: Impact on Performance", Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 17 Iss: 3
Alexander E Ellinger, Hyunju Shin, William Magnus Northington, Frank G. Adams, Debra Hofman, Kevin O'Marah, (2012) "The Influence of Supply Chain Management Competency on Customer Satisfaction and Shareholder Value", Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 17 Iss: 3

Step 2
Two articles: first:
The authors of 'Green Supply Chain Management Practices: Impact on Performance' are faculty of Marketing in reputed US universities. Some of these authors are also faculty in the MIS department. They are qualified for the topic. The purpose of the work is to carry out empirical research relating to green supply chain management on firm performance. The detectable bias in the work is that the authors favor the theme 'adaptation of green practices has a positive impact on economic performance'. The intended audience of this article is academics and students of green supply chain management systems. The summary comment is that green supply chain management practices are adopted to improve the impact of supply chain on the environment, however, the authors of 'Green Supply Chain Management Practices: Impact on Performance' hold that green supply chain management has a positive impact on operational performance of the firm.
The academic criticism is that the study is based on data collected from 159 manufacturing managers. The selection of the business from which data is collected and the use of structural equation modeling method is likely to bias the results. These results should not be extrapolated to all manufacturing organizations. It is a fact that green supply chain management systems lead to improved environmental performance, however ...

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