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Logistics Planning

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I require assistance with answering these questions. Please do not just quote from the internet and put reference. I have already searched the internet. I need fresh new professional ideas, advice and wording to add to what i already have.

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I need to answer the below question then write a 3-4 page paper. I could use some assistance in answering these questions

Q1. Discuss the major factors responsible for making yesterday's supply chain networks less relevant today. Be sure to include in your discussion any other issues the authors may have missed that you would consider important.

Q2. Assess the feasibility of the design solutions provided in the Napolitano article for addressing the challenges faced in today's "down" economy.

Q3. Determine if Burlington Coat Factory, IKEA, and Electrolux effectively utilized the design suggestions discussed in the Ironside and Napolitano articles in the redesign of their logistics networks

My Assignment Expectations are for the assignment paper show an understanding on what is involved in logistics planning and why it is important for organizations to develop a comprehensive plan. It is expected that the work display critical thinking and logic in performing a comparative analysis of the changes taking place in supply chain networks. It is also anticipated that the work will show how elements of the planning process can be applied to specific case study organizations in demonstrating how they have revamped and redesigned their logistics plans to address the challenges of todayâ??s economy.

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Q1. Discuss the major factors responsible for making yesterday's supply chain networks less relevant today. Be sure to include in your discussion any other issues the authors may have missed that you would consider important.

There are several reasons why the networks of yesterday have become less relevant. One of the first reasons is the need to do a cost and service level study before developing a supply chain network. The cost and service levels that were relevant yesterday have become redundant in today's market because of changes in the fuel/transportation costs and the level of competition. In this context it is important to consider the rapidly changing costs of transportation. Those supply chains that were valuable yesterday could become irrelevant today simply because the transportation costs have increased rapidly.

Further, the level of service demanded by the customers may increase or change in the level of competition may force the firm to change its supply chain. For instance, changes in service levels may compel the firm to locate distribution centers close to customers and high rates of interest may compel firms to hold lower levels of inventory. Further the development of outsourcing in Asian and other countries that have lower labor costs have made it necessary to have distribution centers located abroad. These centers must so be located that the overall costs of the supply chain decrease. Further, governments and regulatory bodies are studying the environmental impact of transportation and burning of fossil fuels.

Yesterday's supply chains have become less relevant today because the level of processing that needs to be done at ...

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Logistics Planning for Customers

Logistics Planning

Assignment Overview

Please read the article below which concerns locating near customers.

Crammer, L. J. & Wegfahrt, A. M., (2006). Ranked #9 proximity to major markets. Area Development Site and Facility Planning, 41(5).


Although a company's location criteria and business model change over time, it is really the customers who establish broad location strategy. Furthermore, the business model established by most companies will be based on customer preferences—which also change over time. For example, the old-school model used for manufacturing included the need to inventory raw materials and sub-assemblies at the manufacturing site.


Then, in a 5- to 6-page paper answer the following question.

Do customers really drive location and how does this affect logistical planning? Choose a specific industry (e.g., beer, clothing, automobiles, etc.). Compare the location decision of a Manufacturing company, to a Distributor, to a Retail location. How much influence does the customer of each of these types of businesses have on the location decision? How does this effect the logistics of each?

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Research the topic with information from the background readings as well as any other resources you find on your own. The paper should be 5-6 pages in length not counting the cover sheet and a reference page. Clarity of presentation is important, as well as your ability to cover the topic in a succinct, organized manner with research to back up your points. Use at least 3 different sources of information and annotate your sources of information appropriately on your references page and within the text as necessary. You will be assessed on how well you develop this case and demonstrate your understanding of location decisions as applied in a logistics context.


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