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Home Depot Supply Chain Management

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Research the Home Depot with information you can find on the internet or the resources you find on your own. The paper should be 3-4 pages in length and have a cover sheet and a reference page. Clarity of presentation is important, as well as your ability to apply the topics to the logistics area of your selected firm. Use at least 3 different sources of information and annotate your sources of information appropriately on your references page and within the text as necessary. You will be assessed on how well you demonstrate your knowledge of the topic as it applies to your selected firm. Submit your assignment for grading by the end of this module.
Provide at least three references for each part.

PART I (3-4 pg) Inventory Management
Name Of Organization (HOME DEPOT)
Home Depot Primary Business
Why You Choose Business
Home Depot Inventory Management Procedures
Does This Home Depot Use VMI
Could Home Depot Use VMI
What Does Home Depot Use To ensure It Has The Right Inventory At The Right Time And Control The Cost

Part II (3-4 pg) Quality Management
Does your selected organization use quality management procedures in its logistics system?
In what ways does Home Depot use quality management procedures in its logistics system (as you are to give some specific examples)?
If Home Depot does not use quality management procedures, what steps would you suggest they put in place in order to improve its logistics system?

Part III (3-4 pg) Logistics Planning
Does Home Depot maximize its logistics efficiency through facility location planning?
If so, in what ways, using examples?
If not, could facility planning improve matters?

Part IV (3-4 pg) Facilities Layout
Are Home Depot's facilities designed for logistics efficiency?
If so, how, and what are the effects?
If not, how might they be improved?

Part V (3-4pg) Process Improvement
How can the logistics processes be improved in Home Depot?
What, if anything, have you learned in this course that might help that improvement effort?

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--PART I (3-4 pg) Inventory Management: Name Of Organization (HOME DEPOT) -Why You Choose Business - Home Depot Inventory Management Procedures - Does This Home Depot Use VMI - Could Home Depot Use VMI - What Does Home Depot Use To ensure It Has The Right Inventory At The Right Time And Control The Cost

Try and think of corporations, such as, Home Depot, that utilizes effectively managing vendor inventory due to the wide range of products being offered from consumers. Thus, the aim is in the design matrix to identify actual cost to manufacture to delivery of product to the targeted consumer on the store shelf. Home Depot is in many locations that requires the volume of inventory and must demonstrate a strategic as well as capacity handling of the following areas in the right inventory on hand:

a) Cost effective solutions in conducting analysis through a VMI for outlining areas of restructuring product flow.

b) Global footprint of all vendors within the VMI matrix to track, analyzes, and detects trends of flow from entities serving the supply chain protocol.

c) Management in supplier related OEM and contractual manufacturing to assure accurate decision making.

Therefore, according to Supply Chain Brain (2014), the Home Depot strategy is using transformational method in using set initially new distributions centers to offering manageability in VMI initiatives. Keep in mind, the diversification model in businesses as complex and large as Home Depot to effectively managing contractual and product manufacturing process.

--Part II (3-4 pg) Quality Management: Does your selected ...

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