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    Strategic Alliance for U.S Postal Services

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    If you were advising the US Postal Service on seeking out strategic partners to help them augment their e-commerce strategies and overall value proposition, which strategic partners would you choose and why? What role would the strategic partner play in the overall value proposition of the Postal Service. What value would you hope to be generated from this collaboration? How might the Postal Service effectively negotiate to convince such strategic partners to ally with them in an overall competitive initiative? How might a "win-win" be created for both companies.

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    Guidance on U.S Postal Service

    A strategic alliance or partnership is formed by two or more companies for gaining competitive advantage where most of these firms lack the complete set of competencies and resources which are required to achieve their objectives and these partnerships allow the companies to create value which could not be achieved independently by these companies (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, 2013). Therefore, U.S Postal service needs to identify the strategic partner who complements with the resources which the postal service is lacking. In addition, the strategic partner and U.S postal service together need to create a superior customer value proposition that create a competitive advantage for both the companies. The two strategic partners also need to explore synergies in terms of their corporate strategies.
    Home Depot is awarded the best internet retailer of the year 2015 and has surpassed e-commerce market leader Amazon on all major e-commerce metrics (Rueter, 2015: June 6) and therefore, the company can be a strategic partner of U.S Postal service. There is a loss of trust among consumers who found differences between the marketing communications of U.S Postal Service of a promise of 2 days delivery where the delays led to breach of this promise (Eversley, 2015: Aug. 14). There is a threat to mail services business of U.S postal service as people are not preferring to go for mail, rather they are looking at communicating through telephone or internet (Eversley, 2015: Aug. 14). To create a competitive advantage for the consumers, U.S Postal Service is looking at same day delivery to provide a superior value creation for consumers (Stevens, 2015: Aug. 17). Home ...

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    The solution provide guidance on how a strategic partnership could benefit both U.S postal service and Home Depot. How a "win-win" will be created for both companies is determined.