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Postal Service

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Many would consider the U.S. Postal Service a public good. Is this assumption valid? Identify at least three arguments for and against the postal service being a public good. Use at least one example for each argument.

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This solution provides a learned discussion on the U.S. Postal Service regarding arguments for and against is as a public good. Additionally, this solution includes six references sources for further research of the topic.

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The assumption that the US Postal Service is a public good is supported by several arguments.
First, the postal service has the property of non-rivalry. Each person's consumption does not lead to subtractions from any other person's consumption. For example, if one person sends a letter through the US Postal service it does not stop others from sending a letter through the US Postal Service.

Second, the postal service has the property of non-excludability. This means that it is not possible to exclude any person from using the good. For example, an ...

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