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    Public Economics

    Public economics looks at how the government influences the market and how government policy changes economic productivity. In a general sense, public economics is the study of government policy and how it impacts taxation. Government policy is how the government manages the production of goods and services using interest rates and tax policies. The objective of government policy is to fix economic issues like unemployment or inflation and maintain a balanced economy.

    This branch of economics is primarily concerned with topics related to market failure, such as information asymmetries and externalities, and the actions that the government can take to correct these issues, such as by implementing social programs. Public economics stems from welfare economics, which is an area of economics that analyzes the effectiveness of allocating productive factors to improve the market.

    Public economics is classified as microeconomics because it uses microeconomic theories and techniques to determine if a private market can be efficient without the involvement of government policy. Public economics is studied because it is relevant to our lives and helps us assess the markets we are apart of. For example, when presidential candidates propose their ideas for public policy during an election, we can understand what these policies would mean for the market and how they would affect our lives. This area of economics connects to ideas in psychology because public economics studies the behavioral reaction of the market to actions made by the government. Topics that fall under public economics include tax incidence and efficiency, optimal taxation, social insurance, and public goods and externalities.

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    Walmart's Impact on Smaller Communities

    Please help with the following problem: When Walmart locates to a smaller town, often the local retailers (e.g., hardware, clothing, and appliance stores) are unable to successfully compete and are driven out of business. Why does Walmart have a cost advantage over its competitors and therefore is able to charge lower prices

    Funding and U.S. Defense Spending

    Defense spending is a major expenditure for the U.S. Federal Government Why is this expenditure funded at the federal level of government? What affect does the level of government have on the available sources of funding?

    Social Media and the Business World

    Does social media have a place in the business world? How would you use social media to promote your business? If you wouldn't use social media, what online strategies would you employ?

    Managerial Economics and Property Rights

    1. What role do property rights play in creating common property resources? Why are common property resources subject to market failure due to nonexcludability? 2. What two properties characterize public goods? 3. To avoid market failure, what price must be charged for public goods? Why?

    Marketing A Graduate Program

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can check out this website and help me come up with 5-10 things that would help market their graduate program: http://www.amu.apus.edu/ Perhaps a 1 paragraph blurb that encapsulates the mission of the program... This is not a commercial project, rather it is a way to make marketing by print media

    Calculation Using the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index

    The top 6 firms in an industry have the following market shares: A 25 B 25 C 20 D 10 E 10 F 5 Firm C wants to buyout Firm F. Will the Department of Justice likely approve this acquisition? Calculate the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI), showing all work.

    Arguments For and Against the Postal Service

    Many would consider the U.S. Postal Service a public good. Is this assumption valid? Identify at least three arguments for and against the postal service being a public good. Use at least one example for each argument.

    Too Much Government?

    Some critics argue that America has too many elections, a surplus of elected officials, and unwieldy layers of government. Indeed, with literally thousands of local governments dotting the political landscape of the United States, one can argue that too many jurisdictions overlap that occasionally impede the delivery of core ser

    The firm and its goals: profit maximization

    The following is a quote from a New York Times article: "If a company makes product donations to the schoolâ?"computers for instanceâ?"then the image of a company goes up as graduate students use the company's products." Does such action square with a company's objective of profit maximization? Discuss.

    Notes on public choice are offered.

    Industries in the country of Technologia invest in new equipment that annually increases productivity of private workers by 3 percent. Government employees do not benefit from similar technical advances. A) If wages in the private sector are set equal to the value of the marginal product, how much will they rise yearly? B) Gov

    Output as Value Added

    Consider an economy with three productive sectors: mining and farming; manufacturing; and retailing. Manufacturers produce goods each year with a sale value of 500. They sell 400 to retailers and 100 direct to the private sector and to government for consumption. Retailers buy goods for 400 from manufacturers and buy 50 from the

    Discounted Cash Flow Techniques

    Times are tough for Auger Biotech. Having raises $85 million in an initial public offering of its stock early in the year, the company is poised to launch its product. If Auger engages in a promotional campaign costing $60 million this year, its annual after-tax cash flow over the next five years will be only $700,000. If it

    Effects of price control

    Explain the difference between a price floor and a price ceiling. Provide a situation in which a price ceiling may be used. What are the effects of this price control on the equilibrium price and quantity?

    Normal Profits - Business, Society, and the Government

    I am having some problems understanding this section of Economics 1. Suppose the Disney Company was experiencing above-normal profits. What would you predict would happen over time? 2. Explain why a proposed merger between Staples and Office Max was not allowed by the Department of Justice? 3. Smokers impose negative

    Role of regional integration in promoting global business - Europe

    I need help with the following. I would like to use Europe as my region. What is the role of regional integration in promoting global business? Include: - Creation of trade - Gains in economies of scale - Bargaining power increase - Market attractiveness increase - Public goods cooperation

    Policy Analysis Multiple Choice Practice Problems

    Question 1 A _______ is an economic justification for government involvement in a policy problem. a. policy impact b. market failure c. policy subsystem d. referendum Question 2 ________refers to the processes by which government structures and authority are established and maintained. a. Separation of Powers

    Underwriting Spread

    Assume Fisher Food Products is thinking about 3 different size offerings for the issuance of additional shares Size offer Public Price Net to Corporation a. 1.6 million $40 $36.70 b. 6.0 million 40

    Public Economics

    1. Suppose there are only two people, Simon and Charity, who mush split a fixed income of 4100. For Simon, the marginal utility of income is MUs=400-2Is. While for Charity, marginal utility is MUc=400-6Ic, where Ic, Is are the amounts of income to Charity and Simon, respectively. a). What is the optimal distribution of incom

    Introduction to marketing

    Find two people who recently made a purchase of the same type of product or service. Create a series of interview questions based on the "Buyer Decision Process". Compile the answers of the two individuals and compare and contrast them with regard to the steps in the process. Analyze the characteristics that influenced th

    Macroeconomic performance of India, Thailand, Argentina or Brazil

    I need to prepare a report on the macroeconomic performance of one of the Countries listed. The study needs to focus on the following: (i) Trends in key macroeconomic variables (output, inflation and unemployment) in the country over the past decade. (ii) The macroeconomic problems faced by the country during the past decad

    profit or loss ..

    Brokers incurred $450,000 out of pocket expenses and will give 21,000,000 of the proceeds to the small firm they are underwriting, price to the public is $7.50 per share with 3 million shares being issued. What is the profit or loss the broker incurs?

    Impact of subsidy on education

    A government offers to let a number of students at a public school transfer to a private school under two conditions: It will transmit to the private school the same per-pupil subsidy it currently provides the public school, and the private school will be required to admit the students at a below-market tuition rate. Will the e